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Ruhango: women commended for role in crime prevention

The Ruhango mayor celebrating the award for crime prevention

The Ruhango mayor celebrating the award for crime prevention

Francois Xavier Mbabazi the Ruhango district Mayor has commended women for their efforts in crime prevention.

The mayor was speaking at an event to receive a car donated to the district by National Police as an award for the better performance of the district in the fight against crime.

“Although we are all grateful of this reward, we will have to work even harder using this vehicle and prevent all kinds of crimes,” said the mayor. 

Mbabazi also commended the role women played saying they had been successful in reducing crime in the area.

“Women fully participated in the reduction of GBV and domestic disputes and because of everyone’s contribution our district has been recognized in reducing crime. This is a great gesture, but also we have a duty to work hard as far as crime prevention is concerned’ Mbabazi said.

Women in Ruhango district take credit for participating in fighting and preventing Gender Based Violence, drug use and domestic violence

Goreth Mukamurenzi, coordinator of Parents’ Evening Program in Ntongwe sector said that the program has managed to control and prevent a number of homicides that used to occur in the district.

Just like many women in the district, Mukamurenzi takes credit for being part of the team that fought gender based violence in their area, prevented marital and domestic feuds and brought peace among the residents.

“Women have played an important part in the reduction of crimes in the district especially those resulting from domestic and marital conflicts and they deserve to take credit for their actions,” explained Mugeni Joli Germaine, the vice mayor for Social affairs.

Ruhango with four other districts received vehicles for their role in crime prevention including Ruhango district of Southern Province, Rusizi district of Western Province, Kirehe is Eastern Province and Kinyinya sector in Kigali city received their awards.


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