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Rwandan Women still need liberation from poverty

Rwandan Women are still affected by poverty and illiteracy despite having taken a big step towards development like being part of decision making and knowing their rights and laws that govern them.

 Rwandan Women still need liberation from poverty

Minister Gasinzigwa with women in PRO FEMME annual women congress

The remarks were made by Oda Gasinzigwa the Minister for Gender and Family Promotion during a discussion with women opinion leaders, women in civil society and Government organizations with responsibilities to develop women on the 29th, June, 2014 in a women organizations Congress PRO-FEMME Twese hamwe.

“These women are in a journey to eradicate poverty and to thrive according to the government policies,” explained Minister Gasinzingwa.

 Rwandan Women still need liberation from poverty

The annual women congress was attended by women in all 58 organizations working  with PRO FEMME

Apart from poverty and illiteracy, women are also still affected by Gender Based Violence.

According to Jeanne d’Arc Kanakuze the coordinator of PRO-FEMME Twese Hamwe, PRO-FEMME plans on building a conference hall where women will train and be educated as means of eradicating illiteracy.

The conference hall will be built in Gahanga sector of Kicukiro district, it will be hosting different international conferences, and the money will be used in promoting women projects.

PRO-FEMME Twese Hamwe operates about 58 organizations working to bring the change in social and economical welfare of Rwandan women.

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