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Nyamagabe women award 6 best families

Nyamagabe women award 6 best families

Women celebrating their day with dances

Women in Nyamagabe District celebrated this year’s women day in style, awarding harmonious and exemplary families in the district on Saturday March 8th, 03, 2014 in Tantamara village- Buruhukiro sector.

Bienvenue Ukunduwe, coordinator of the National Women’s Council in Nyamagabe District said the awarded families were selected based on different characteristics identified by other residents and local leaders that show they are living in harmony.

 The 6 families that were awarded will teach other families one or many things in living in harmony as a family.

Most of the families that were awarded are of older couples. These families were selected by neighbours who would confirm the harmony in these families. These families were based on economic development acquired, the education of their children, having no domestic conflicts between family members and other exemplary elements to other families. 

Families were awarded with certificates of appreciation and urged to always hold the dignity they possess and become exemplary and help other families reach the goals they have achieved in Kizimyamuriro cell.

Hon. Ignacienne Nyirarukundo the Member of Parliament who had joined local people in the District, Kizimyamuriro cell warned people about polygamous marriages or having concubines; reminding them that it is against Rwandan marital law.

Nyirarukundo reminded people that children born through cohabitation arrangements suffer from actions of their parents.

The inheritance issues of children born out of cohabitation marriages are usually affected in case of the untimely death of their father and more so of both parents.

The celebrations of Woman’s Day were attended by different leaders in the District and the representatives of some organizations like world Vision.

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