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Kamonyi: Gender Based violence affecting men

It is common knowledge that women are the main victims of Gender Based Violence but now men who are being victimized by this abuse are coming forward.

Some men have reported that their wives do not like how men run the families, nag their husbands a lot and ask for too much than the husbands can provide.

Men are also victims of abuse especially emotionally at the hands of their wives

Men are also victims of abuse especially emotionally at the hands of their wives

“Some women snap their men to insanity; they refuse to give food to their husbands and deprive them sexually and more so make their children hate them,” said Yohani Mugabo a resident of Gacurabwenge sector in Kamonyi district.

Yohani Mugabo who had been imprisoned leaving his wife behind came back home only to find her successful in her ventures. “I have been back for the last 5 years but abuses and bully’s me all the time” he lamented.

Mugabo added, he has never been in intimacy with the wife ever since he returned from prison five years ago. He has no right to anything in the family not even a bunch of ripe bananas.

Most men who say they are abused say the main cause of such abuse is due to poverty or not being able to provide whatever the wife demands for.

“Being ashamed of talking about abuse makes some men do things be of grave consequences. They keep this to themselves until they cannot anymore; they do worse things like murder or even suicide and leave the children to be orphans.”

Though there is no known number of men who are abused, Maria Umurerwa, gender equality and family promotion official in Kamonyi district admitted to have heard such abuses and promised a follow up.


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