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Gatsibo: Local leaders accused of covering up Gender Based Violence crimes

Local leaders accused of covering up Gender Based Violence crimes

 A report by the social affairs department in Gatsibo district has revealed that some local leaders have been covering up Gender Based Violence committed in families. The report was presented during a conference that took place on March 20, 2014. 

Village leaders in this district are particularly alleged to be some of those covering up Domestic Violence done in villages by protecting people who commit various crimes against their family members.

According to the executive secretary of PRO-FEMMES TWESE HAMWE (an umbrella of organizations aimed at advancement of Women, Peace and Development in Rwanda) Gorette Mukabukuru,  the executive secretaries of cells and sectors need to remind the village leaders of their responsibilities in leading people especially helping people who are abused get justice.

Statistics show that a total of 543 people were abused including 535 women and girls and 8 boys below 18 years between April 2013 and March 2014 in Gatsibo district. 137 of these people were raped, 374 were physically abused and injured while 32 were emotionally abused.

The main objectives of the conference in which the report was to unveiled were encourage sensitization programs on GBV, preventing and advocating and providing support to abused people as well as respecting the rights of the abused.

The conference was also attended by medical staff from different health centers in the district and staff from Kiziguro and Ngarama Hospitals, the registration officers in the sectors and the Police force in the district.

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