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Kirehe: Good Governance solves local problems

The residents of Gahara sector in Kirehe district are happy with their leaders for moving down to the village level to listen and provide solutions to their issues through the Good Governance Month Program.

This was revealed during the specific launch of Good Governance Month Program in Kirehe district that was held in Gahara sector on Monday the 10th, 02, 2014.

Kirehe: Good Governance solves local problems

Gahara residents attending the good governance month

Most pressing issues creating problems among the people of Gahara sector are polygamy and, domestic conflicts and land conflicts.

Frank Mugabo the social affairs in Kirehe district in this function of Good Governance Program reminded Gahara sector residents to try living in harmony and get married by law to avoid polygamy.

This function provided a platform for the districts different leaders and the local people to sit and discuss the issues affecting their community.

Solutions and answers were provided based on agreement of both parties and discussed the way forward for the development of Gahara sector.

Kirehe: Good Governance solves local problems

Polygamy is among the pressing issues for the residents of Gahara sector

This program will keep on finding solutions to local people’s issues for the whole of this month as well as promoting good governance in the people.

The main issue in this sector is domestic conflicts based on men having many wives or concubines and disregarding their responsibilities with other families.

The residents and their leaders are however trying to solve this issue by encouraging monogamy which is stipulated by Rwandan marriage law.

Kirehe district started the Good Governance Program generally on the 20th, 01, 2014 and it will last one month in some sectors and in other sectors like Kirehe sector, the program will last for 3 months.

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