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Kayonza: Residents urged to report GBV practices

Kayonza residents have been urged to report Gender Based Violence practices on Wednesday 15th, 01, 2014 during Women for Women International Organisation sensitisation program against Gender Based Violence.


Residents of Kayonza district ready to fight GBV

 “Many women and men are abused but still refrain from reporting. This often results in domestic conflicts leading to poverty and trauma among families,” said Violet Kabarenzi, The Co-coordinator of Women for Women International.


Unemployment is one of the causes of GBV

Participants were taken through forms of gender based violence.

 Women were mentioned as key victims in Gender Based abuse. They were advised to report any forms of violence committed against them.

Victims pinned alcohol abuse, unemployment and the keeping quite tradition as some of the key factors fueling GBV.

“When I started working and earning, my abusive husband started respecting me,” said Konsiliya Nyiransabimana, a formerly abused house wife.

The government of Rwanda has worked with different non-governmental organizations to stop GBV, which has decreased remarkably over the years.

Women for Women is an international NGO working to develop women especially those in rural areas.

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