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Kabgayi Catholic Church creates families’ forum

About 100 families from Kabgayi Catholic Diocese have agreed to create a forum about family relations. The families agreed to this after attending a spiritual recollection on 22/12/2013, with the theme ‘our families, the basis of our Christianity’

Kabgayi Catholic Church creates families’ forum

Couples reflecting during the retreat at Kabgayi Catholic Diocese

Alexis Ndamyumugabe, the head of evangelism team at the Diocese said, the retreat aimed to bring together Christians who do different work far from their parishes and do not get chance to be involved in activities of their parishes.

They shared life and marriage experiences and guidance about Christian marriage. Christians who attended this retreat said it was very helpful and promised to attend many other retreats and invite other families especially troubled ones.

The Kabgayi Diocese Bishop Smaragde Mbonyintege promised to the Christians in the retreat at any time they come together for activities that build the church, their families and the country at large.

The Bishop asked Christians in the retreat not to judge or stigmatize others due to differences in beliefs. He urged them to relate well with other religious leaders including Muslims.


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