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Gisagara: Nutrition Emphasis in homes, a must lesson for men

Men in Gisagara district have been called upon to support their wives and promote good nutrition in their homes for the better health of their families.

According to Rwandan tradition, men used to think that anything about food and kitchen is a responsibility of women.


Men in Gisagara being taught how to make nutritious meals

Men in Gisagara being taught how to make nutritious meals

In September 2013 the Government launched an initiative called ‘Thousand Days in the Land of a Thousand Hills’. The objective of this campaign is to improve the nutrition status of the vulnerable populations.

The campaign that will end in October 2016 targets children under five years, pregnant and nursing mothers as well as school-going children, in efforts to reduce morbidity and mortality related to malnutrition.

“Most men do not care about the nutritious meals in the families as long as people are not going hungry. This is mainly because they do not understand about good nutrition benefits and effects” says Jacqueline Nyiraneza a resident of Kibirizi sector.

Malnutrition is a key public health issue and is one of the major causes of infant, child and maternal morbidity and mortality.

According to the most recent statistics, the 2010 Rwandan Demographic and Health Survey (RDHS, 2010), 44 percent of children under the age of five years suffer from malnutrition or stunted growth.


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