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Gakenke: families commit settling domestic violence

Gakenke:  families commit settling domestic violence

The move has re united some of the families after several misunderstandings

Residents of Gakenke District have joined forces to fight domestic conflicts including abuse and Gender based violence. The vice is reported to be hindering social economic development in the District; according to the District officials.

Juvenal Musabyimana, 48 says “because I was drunk most of the time, I used to beat my wife, beating her up badly and most of the times we were in counseling chambers with local leaders intervening.

Ever since I stopped after learning about gender equality, everything in my family is now in order and we are developing.”

Jean Felix Bayisenge, 33 also used to fight with his wife over misusing family recourses. “I would take all the money from a harvest into a bar and come home with nothing, I now know it was a mistake and I am working on rectifying my poor expenditures.”

All the District organizations and development partners working in support of war against gender based violence with the local authorities are still encouraging people to expose and talk about domestic violence so that solutions to end them could be reached.

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